We are looking for an experienced Middle+ Python Software Engineer (Backend) to join our team for improvement development of projects and development team expansion!

Important for us:

  • At least 2-3 years of work experience;

  • Knowledge of Python 3 language;

  • Knowledge of one of the frameworks: Django, Flask, Tornado, webapp2;

  • Knowledge of the SQL;

  • Cloud technologies (Amazon Web Services, Docker);

  • Knowledge and skills of automatic testing (unittest, pytest, Selenium, behave);

  • Knowledge of Object-oriented programming and design patterns (Erich Gamma, Martin Fowler);

  • Knowledge and skills of application refactoring (Martin Fowler);

  • High level self-organization and soft skills.

Will be a big plus:

  • UML language;

  • Cloud technologies (Google Cloud Platform);

  • Knowledge of Swagger technology;

  • Knowledge of the principles of domain-driven design (Eric Evans).

Tasks of the software engineer:

  1. Improve existing functions and develop new on given specifications and architectures;

  2. Develop specifications;

  3. Performing task decomposition and estimation time and potential development risks;

  4. Integrate with 3rd-party web-services;

  5. Cover apps by unit and integration tests;

  6. Debug and fix errors;

  7. Refactoring;

  8. Communicate with other engineers and teams.

What you’ll get working with us:


— 24 days of paid vacations;

— 5 days of paid medical leave;

— Remote work;

— Full and connected team: business analysis, front-end development, backend development, iOS development, Android development, QA engineers, technical experts!


— Payment for services in currency;

— Official employment with tax recovery;

— Monthly bonus for English language certificate;

— Birthdays’ gifts for teammates;

Career and professional growth

— Description of business processes of all team role;

—Opportunity to join professional culture of reliable software engineering and popularize it this;

— Interesting project on modern technologies with regular technical consultations with over 18 years-experienced experts;

— Free corporative library;

— Feedback about your work’ results! The employee and team estimate the results of work!

— Plan of professional and career growth. Software Engineer Competency Matrix and Assessment Design and Test Lab 2023

— Help with achieving organizational goals and personal goals!

— Adaptation program and mentoring for new employees! It helps to work effectively from the first day.

Free time

— Flexible work schedule, 5 days per week/8 hours per day;

— All national holidays are weekends;

— Corporate events!


— Support of team members during martial law (partial compensation for safe accommodation and purchase of charging stations, regular donations, etc.).

About project:

According to our characteristics, the project meets the values of Design and Test Lab by 11 out 11 !

Examples of our products:

— E-commerce project with the sale of food via the internet;

— Unique social network for architects, designers, landshaft designers;

— Useful social network for the search and treatment of rare diseases from all over the world.

Characteristics of the projects
Duration of the projects Short-time Long-time (min 6 months)
Technologies Technologies: Python 3.7-3.8, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, aiohttp, mypy, Swagger, Pytest, Behave, Stripe,Redis 5.0.6, Celery 4.3.0 + Redis + Flower 0.9.3., AWS S3, Sentry, Twilio, Sendgrid, EC2, S3, CloudWatch, ElastiCache, Route 53, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, ECR.
Project management ceremonies Low, out-staff High: planning, organization, control, motivation, budgeting, business-processes
Requirements Absent Formalized
Client Ukraine USA, San-Francisco
Technical consultations Singly 1. Team process on meetings. 2. Personal with technical expert
Team of the project Software Engineer, technical expert Full: Project Manager, Business Analyst, front-end, backend, iOS -development, QA Engineer
Desired busyness Part-time Full-time
Risks management Absent Risks: resource, technological, operations.

Contact information

Viktoria Kopeykina, HR manager, Design and Test Lab

095 033-17-78, office@dnt-lab.com

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