We have a great team of software engineers, project managers, business analysts, and software quality assurance engineers. Design and Test Lab is 13 years in the software outsourcing business. We built and adopted a strong reliable software engineering culture. Now we want to scale this success!

We are looking for an experienced Head of Sales or experienced Sales Manager to take the role of Head of Sales department of Design and Test Lab!

Important for us:

  • 4+ years of experience in sales of software outstaffing and outsourcing services in USA, EU with at least $500,000 per year per account.

  • Ability and desire to build a Sales Department from scratch: define processes, hire and manage Sales Managers.

  • Advanced written and fluent spoken English.

  • “Coffee’s for closers only” mindset.

  • Experience in negotiations.

  • Good communication skills, positive attitude to life and business.

Will be a big plus:

  • Technical, engineering, project management background, knowledge of software development process and its life cycle.

  • Experience and knowledge of marketing.


— Plan, organize and manage the Sales Department.

— Hire and manage Sales Managers.

— Look for opportunities with potential customers.

— Close the deals and sign the agreements.

What we already have to make Head of Sales succeed:

Experienced team of software engineers and project managers, who are ready to provide pre-sale support: demo, presentations, estimations, analysis, etc.

Marketing materials (presentations, whitepapers).

Top experts in software engineering PhD-level with 10+ years of experience in the international environment.

HR department with ability to search for candidates and subcontractors.

Send CV if you are interested and you want to be successful with us!

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What you’ll get working with us:


— 24 days of paid vacations;

— 5 days of paid medical leave;

— Remote work;

— Full and connected team: business analysis, front-end development, backend development, iOS development, Android development, QA engineers, technical experts!


— Fixed Salary + % earned value in currency;

— Official employment with tax recovery;

— Birthdays’ gifts for teammates;

Career and professional growth

— Description of business processes of all team role;

— Opportunity to join professional culture of reliable software engineering and popularize it;

— Interesting project on modern technologies with regular technical consultations with over 18 years-experienced experts;

— Free corporative library;

— Feedback about your work’ results! The employee and team estimate the results of work!

— Plan of professional and career growth. Software Engineer Competency Matrix and Assessment Design and Test Lab 2023

— Help with achieving organizational goals and personal goals!

— Adaptation program and mentoring for new employees! It helps to work effectively from the first day.

Free time

— Flexible work schedule, 5 days per week/8 hours per day;

— All national holidays are weekends;

— Corporate events!


— Support of team members during martial law (partial compensation for safe accommodation and purchase of charging stations, regular donations, etc.).

Contact information

Viktoria Kopeykina, HR manager, Design and Test Lab

095 033-17-78, office@dnt-lab.com

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